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Welcome to DRJN


Hello. I’m Dr Jillian Ney.

I’m the UK’s first Dr of Social Media and a Digital Behavioural Scientist. In the last decade of analysing social data I’ve seen more and more brands trying out social listening, and whole lot of new tools and technology claiming to solve all our insight challenges.

But there’s still a lot of unsubstantiated claims, people struggling to find value, and questions about how to best integrate and use social data in business. Sometimes there’s more questions than answers, and the people powering social insights don’t have a whole lot of content or best practice to work from.

So, I decided to create a space to bring the global social intelligence community together with content that matters and a community that supports. Join me, my team, and social intelligence experts from the world’s leading brands as we discuss social data challenges, best practice, tools and approaches.

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We have worked with Jillian and her team on several complex projects. Event with large amounts of data, Jillian's insights were easy to understand.


Content For Your Questions

It’s really frustrating not knowing if there is a better way, how other people have approached the challenges you’re facing, what tools really live up to their claims, and what’s really worth your time and attention.

You’ve got questions and want to keep up to date with what’s happening in the industry but there’s no dedicated hub with unbiased content that really addresses your challenges.

So, we created a space to provide busy professionals like you with content that covers the challenges your facing, industry developments and unbiased opinion on the topics that matter most.

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Peer Support


Advice From Peers Who Do What You Do

Vendors do a great job but their advice matches the solutions they sell. So, we’re still missing the one thing we need to run a successful programme – unbiased advice and unfiltered opinion from executives who understand the challenges we’re facing.

We’re all so busy, we don’t have the time to surf through knowledge centres or watch instruction videos to find they don’t really answer the question we’re trying to ask – we just need to ask a question to people who’ve been through it before.

That’s why we created the Social Intelligence Lab, a membership community for people working in social listening. Ask a question, and our members will give you their unbiased advice.


Who We Are and What We Stand For

Our founder, Dr Jillian has endless amounts of enthusiasm for social intelligence, and a drive to continually learn, develop and innovate. Her passion for learning and making things better is the driving force behind DRJN and this is woven into everything we do. We’re driven by five values that are shared within our team, clients, audiences, and our partners, if this sounds like you then you’ll fit right in.

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  • Step up

    we believe in fulfilling our own potential and helping other people fulfil their potential too. We’ll step up so you can too.

  • Stay curious

    in our fast-paced industry, we believe that you need to approach challenges with a child’s mind and stay curious about the changes in the world.

  • Explore

    we believe in constantly exploring, learning, challenging, and innovating to spark inspiration and create new ideas.

  • Say it how it is

    we’re tired of mediocrity, we believe that the only way to make things better is to be candid and say it how it is. It’s not always pretty but it’s never boring.

  • Make it better

    we believe in continuous personal development and in business, we’re always seeking to improve to give you the insight and stories you need to develop too.

  • A Few Of Our Members & People We Work With

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    A vendor-free group of peers who do what you do – and want to help. All in confidence and without the fear of being sold to.