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Are Talkwalker Alerts Any Better Than Google Alerts?

A month or so ago, Talkwalker got in touch to say that they are launching a new FREE data tool, Talkwalker Alerts.  We love ourselves a new tool down at DRJN, so we gave it a road test before the full launch.  Here’s our take on what Talkwalker are dubbing ‘the best free and easy alternative to Google Alerts.

An Advanced Google Alert

I’m betting you’ve probably set up a Google Alert or two in your time?!  The concept of Talkwalker alerts is a lot like Google, with one big difference – you can get insights from social.

Talkwalker tells us that you can get mentions from ‘websites, blogs, forums, and even Twitter in one email to your inbox’.

Sounds good.  But, are you really going to get anything that useful or is it just going to be a lot of noise?

I have to admit, I was worried about the quality of the alerts.  But, after a little playing around they’ve quickly become the mainstay source of interesting factoids that I talk about in the office.

Since signing up, my conversations now start with “did you see on the alert that….”

What We’re Searching For…

Signing up is a breeze.

Getting started literally takes under 10 seconds making for a nice and streamlined experience.  Fire in the keywords that you want to be alerted about, how often you want to receive them, the type of sources you want to see and how many you want to see and you’re good to go!

A couple of things that we are searching for are social intelligence and electric cars – so, we have quite eclectic interests and client base.

We found that we had to play around a little.  The social intelligence search was initially bringing back results that had the words “social” and “intelligence” close together.

When we entered “social intelligence” with the inverted commas the results got stronger.

We had been a bit worried about the quality of the content that would come back from Twitter.  You know, because some tweets are junk.  But, we found that the content was useful and content that we would not have usually found in our feeds.

And, my factoids, well, they are usually electric cars based.

More than this though, Talkwalker Alerts allows us to track relevant and interesting points about the industry that we work in and we can jump-in on conversations as they happen.

What I particularly like is the format of the alerts and that the information is highly relevant and pinpointed, and includes what other people are discussing so you can get involved too.

A Quick Tip

One thing that would be worth mentioning is that given the amount of information pushed through on these alerts, definitely check the frequency that you chose to receive them.

We had some set to ‘as they happen’… Well, it was happening a bit too frequently for us!

So, are Talkwalker Alerts better than Google Alerts?  In a word: yes! And in a sentence: we like the additional sources you can see content from (sorry Google!).

Jillian Ney
the UK's first Dr of Social Media and a Digital Behavioural Scientist. For over ten years I've been analysing social data to find insights into how people make decisions. I now use this knowledge to help brands to make their social data work harder for them and turn noisy social chat into actionable marketing intelligence quickly. More content by

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