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It’s the Year of Intelligence at Brandwatch so You Can Get Your Social Insights Faster


We think we can all agree on one thing when it comes to social intelligence – it takes more than a click of a button to get actionable social insights.

It doesn’t matter if you’re tracking a hashtag, brand sentiment or deep diving into audience intelligence, it takes a while to work that data and get it into a state for interpretation.  But, this may be getting a little easier for Brandwatch customers in 2018.

In our interview with Phill Agnew, Product Marketing Manager at Brandwatch he tells us that “finding an insight isn’t easy!”  And, this is why Brandwatch have committed to building intelligence into their products in 2018.

In this article, we’ll find out what this means for you, and get an introduction to the first intelligence update Explore + Entities.

From the “Experts Tool” to the “Anyone Tool”

When we spoke to Phill, we chatted about the perception that Brandwatch is an expert’s tool.  Let’s put it this way, Brandwatch probably hasn’t been the first tool you’d recommend to someone totally new to social listening.

In fact, even the most experienced user might get a little lost with the whopping 50,000 different filter combinations to help you analyse and work the data.

Yes, you read that right – 50,000 filter combinations.

The power of Brandwatch is in the ability to manipulate the data to a high degree but this power comes at a price.  It can be very time consuming (and fiddly) to set up all the segmentation criteria – or as Brandwatch call this, rules and categories.

Phill explained that Brandwatch are committed to making the platform easier to use and more intelligent.  Brandwatch feel that this will help users get insights faster but also help new users navigate the platform and create insights from the off.

Sounds like a win – win to us, but…

Real Intelligence or Hyped Buzz?

If you’re like us then the question on your lips will be ‘is this real intelligence or a few new things that sound cool but don’t really do much?’

Phill assures us that it’s not a publicity stunt.

He tells us that all Brandwatch updates this year will focus on adding a layer of intelligence to the platform.

This intelligence will have a tangible benefit, the benefit?

Easier to find insight or faster to get insight.

The first of these intelligence updates launched on the 20th of March – Explore + Entities and is now available to all Brandwatch users.  So, let’s see if it’s worth all the hype.

Explore + Entities

First off, what is Explore + Entities?

In a simple answer, Brandwatch’s attempt to classify social mentions beyond just sentiment, and instead by brands, people or locations mentioned.  Brandwatch believes that this will make your analysis easier and faster by making the platform more intuitive.

Here’s what Brandwatch say in their launch video…

Essentially, Explore allows you to apply expert-built filters and Boolean strings to your data to save you time [and the pain] of having to write them yourself.

This functionality will allow you to add in more consistency and rigour to your segmentation because it’s pre-set and you’re confident that you’re not going to miss any keywords or phrases.

Entities are the automatic classification of mentions by people, organisation, location, hashtag and emoji.

What Can You Do with Explore + Entities?

Phill talks us through four business cases where Explore + Entities can help save you precious, precious time.

#1 Share of Voice in Seconds

Imagine being able to produce a competitor share of voice report in under 5 minutes. That’s what Phill tells us is possible with Entities.

Instead of creating new searches for each competitor with complex Boolean strings, you can now sort the data by using the Entities > Organisations function.  You’ll immediately see the top organisations mentioned in your data set.


You can even download it into a PowerPoint report.

#2 Fast Crisis Monitoring

You can never plan for a crisis but you can plan how to get ahead of the noise a crisis creates.
Instead of having to create filters on the fly, you’ll now be able to identify the scale of your crisis at the click of a few buttons.

Brandwatch has created a couple of filters that weed out the negative press and a growing crisis so you can keep on top of conversations and brand health.

#3 Quick Customer Insight

Looking for the people, organisations, locations, hashtags or emoji’s that your audience talks about?
It would usually take ages to go through and classify all the conversations, but with Entities you can get this insight at the click of a button.  And, that’s exactly what Gemma Joyce at Brandwatch React used to try and identify ‘Who Bit Beyoncé’?.

Yip, who bit Beyoncé.

Gemma was able to quickly identify the people who were most frequently discussed in relation to the incident.

That’s initial insight from 60,000 social conversations in seconds.

#4 Instant Influencer Identification

The final business case Phill talks us through is influencer identification.

Finding people who are driving conversation for brands or topics is now simple with Entities.  Instead of having to search through and add all handles, names and nicknames to a search, Entities gives you the same functionality automatically.

Entities automatically classifies and groups all the names in your dataset letting you determine which name is most popular or trending.

For example, for Nike’s Entities found that Serena Williams drove a lot of conversation.

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re a time poor marketer looking for a fast way to analyse data then Explore + Entities can help you.

But, we warn that you still need to cleanse your data and you still need to question what is driving the conversations for the people, organisations, locations, hashtags and emoji’s that you find in your datasets.

You can’t take the data at face value, you need to question what you find but Explore + Entities is a great start for the year of intelligence at Brandwatch.

To find out more about Brandwatch Explore + Entities follow THIS LINK.

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