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Welcome to the Social Intelligence Lab. We’re a membership community for people running social listening programmes who have an ambition to make their social data work harder.

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A commmunity of support

Social listening is a relatively new discipline – so there’s not always a ton of information and support to help you tackle the issues you’re facing. And, working in a new area can be a lonely experience because there’s not many people who really understand what you do.

At the Social Intelligence Lab, our mission is to change that. We’re bringing together a global community of people working in social intelligence to tackle social data challenges together. 

Membership Benefits

  • Information you can’t find anywhere else from experienced practitioners who’ve got answers.

  • Peace of mind by never being left behind with new industry developments, strategies and techniques.

  • Confidence that you’ll never be caught by surprise because other people have been through it before.

  • Credibility and external validation from benchmarking approaches against companies like yours.

  • Insider knowledge and tips to make your job easier and analysis faster.

  • We have worked with Jillian and her team on several complex projects. Event with large amounts of data, Jillian's insights were easy to understand.

    Social Intelligence Labs

    We’re Talking About the Issues You’re Facing

    All you have to do is ask a question. You choose what is discussed, when you need it. We help to facilitate the conversations between members, and create specialist training and content when it’s needed.

    Membership is like an insurance policy to ensure you’re getting the best return on your social intelligence programmes – like reducing project risk, helping you build a case for what you know is right, and getting the information you need to stay ahead of the curve.

    A community of support


    A Peer Support Network

    A community of your peers who know what you’re going through because they have roles similar to you. Everyone’s there to share their perspectives to help you win.


    Better Answers to Your Questions

    Get answers to your questions quickly, from people who have been there and done that. Unbiased advice from people who’ve done it before - not vendors trying to sell you something.

    The answers you need

    Ahead of the curve


    Inspiration, Credibility and Confidence

    See what other people are doing, how they are doing it and get validation for your strategy - you’ll get the confidence to know that you’ll never be caught by surprise.


    Reduced Risk

    Get the confidence to know that the decisions you are making are right - from vendor selection, project buy-in or policy creation. And, get the updates you need to handle any changes in legislation.

    Always be prepared

    Unique insight


    Market Intelligence

    Get unique insight into the social intelligence industry from other people working in it, and specialist training to give you the knowledge to make your social tools work harder.


    A complete support network for Social Data

  • The forum is a gold mine of peer to peer knowledge and insight

  • Get insight validation and feedback from industry leaders

  • Access to exclusive content, reports and opportunities

  • Insider knowledge and tips to make your job easier

  • Pricing

    Our professionally curated content, training and community focuses on the issues you’re facing so you’ll never be caught by surprise.



    Ideal for individuals interested in learning more about social listening or publishing their own articles.

  • 1 Membership Seat
  • Limited access to exclusive content
  • Publish your own articles and blogs on the DRJN site
  • Becoming a Member

    All our members must meet our rigorous membership criteria. There’s no exceptions. Every new member will go through the same process so we can make sure they are a good fit for the community and have no conflict of interest. This means that sometimes people are declined membership, we find that about 75% of people requesting an invite become full members.

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    Won’t My Competitors Be Part of the Community?

    It is likely that your competitors will be in the community too – and it’s a better experience because of it. Get a more rounded view by benchmarking from companies like yours and get new ideas from companies in other industries. It’s a win – win for you. And, confidentiality is guaranteed with every member signing our confidentiality agreements.

    What Companies Are Already Members?

    We update our membership directory monthly, you can find a list of our membership directory here.

    What About Confidentiality?

    All our members sign a confidentiality agreement as part of the membership process. If a member breaches our confidentiality rules they will be removed from the community without refund – no exceptions. We take the confidentiality of our members seriously and will never sell your information onto third parties or vendors.

    Why Is There a Membership Fee?

    Our focus is to create a dedicated space for professionals working in social intelligence to connect, share and collaborate.  We are committed to building an amazing community that is a sales free environment and delivering an incredible experience is our priority.  Our team of community managers are trained professionals who are focused on helping you. The membership fee goes into ensuring that our support and materials are of the highest quality.

    What is the Membership Criteria?

    All our members at The Social Intelligence Lab must have at least one years experience in social data analysis.  In addition, they cannot be employed by a social data/tool vendor. We speak with all members before joining to ensure that they are a good fit for the community, and will adhere to our no sales and community guidelines. For those applying for Senior Brand Leaders membership they must lead programmes, this is not for junior members.  All Senior Brand Leaders are leaders with substantial professional experience

    Why Do Only Senior Brand Leaders Get Email Response and Deep Dive Calls?

    We find that our Senior Brand Leaders can have different challenges in comparison to other members - these challenges can only be answered by other senior brand members.  To facilitate this discussion properly we offer email responses and deep dive calls as sometimes the conversations cannot be shared in the community forum. The discussions are often in-depth, and we find that these are better facilitated by deep dive calls between members.

    What Topics Are You Discussing?

    All conversations and topics are driven by our community members. Topics discussed could be related to strategies to get business buy-in, social tools purchases, methodologies and best practices. If you have a topic you want to discuss, we encourage you to ask. Our members have a lot of experience and everyone has a desire to help each other.

    You Ensure No Sales, How Do You Manage This?

    We’re a vendor free community and take steps to make sure our members have no conflicts of interest. This means you can have conversations in confidence without the vendor trying to sell to you, and receive unbiased advice from our other members. We do have members who are freelancers or work for agencies, however we do not allow messages of a sales nature in the community. There is one collaboration channel in the community forum where you can select if you participate and receive notifications of this nature - no sales message are permitted in any other channel. Anyone breaching these rules may be removed without notice or refund.

    How Are Payments Processed?

    All our payments are processed online using Stripe.  It is completely secure and you will be issued with a VAT/TAX invoice every year that you are a member.

    How Much Time Do I have to Dedicate to This?

    This question comes up a lot and we find that different people want to use the community in different ways.  Some of our members are very active participants in forums and discussions where others will dip in and out. The focus of the community is to provide you with a safe space to ask the questions that are important to you as they arise - we also ask you to help other members with your experience when you can. Simply put, you get out what you put in.

    I Have a Different Question That is Not Covered

    If you have a question that is not covered in our FAQs, please email  To share the Social Intelligence Lab membership details with your team, you can download a membership pack here.