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Winter is Here We GoT Data: Analysis of 1 Million Game of Thrones Reddit Posts

Were you left reeling in pain with the extended release date of Game of Thrones season 7?

Thankfully, that wait is almost over, and it seems most of the world is gripped in GoT fever ahead of July 16th [we’re on tenterhooks across here].

Since the announcement that #WinterIsHere [in July!], we have been treated to trailers, conspiracy theories, insider knowledge from the actors, a whole heap of PR, blogs and articles, and who can forget the While Walkers invading London [I’m even getting excited writing this].

In the social world, Twitter has been ablaze with GoT chat. But when my good friends down at Brandwatch told me they have now integrated Reddit data into their platform I almost fainted in excitement about the prospect of getting dirty with GoT Reddit data. I was even more thrilled [and a little jealous] when I met Gemma Joyce, in the Brandwatch React team – it’s actually her day job to analyse TV related conversations amongst other things [she gets paid to do this every day, swoon].

Wanting to get in on Gemma’s action, we partnered with Brandwatch to explore the many levels of GoT Reddit data. After analysing this data, I’m sure I can safely say they are the most committed GoT fans – 872,000 subscribers creating 1 million posts in 2 months!

Care to take a guess on who is the most loved house? What about the most loved character, maybe the most underrated or overrated?? Or even when Redditors are most active?

Well, guess no more, we have an infographic to tell you just that!

With a massive special thanks to Gemma, Roxy, and Dinah for working with us on this project – we can’t wait until the next one! Also, special thanks to Anna Du Grave for her amazing illustrations.

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Jillian Ney
the UK's first Dr of Social Media and a Digital Behavioural Scientist. For over ten years I've been analysing social data to find insights into how people make decisions. I now use this knowledge to help brands to make their social data work harder for them and turn noisy social chat into actionable marketing intelligence quickly. More content by

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